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HI FOREARMS FANS. I'm coming back later tonight to post download links to Jamie's episode of Silent Witness (because everybody deserves to hear him saying "Jamie's a bastard") but in the mean time, I have SUCH a treat for you. All praise (and much love, worship and devotion) to sophieisgod's excellent Google alert watching, for it is she who found this wonderful picture of Jamie in rehearsals for Racing Demon:

Large, beautiful, wonderful image under the cut.Collapse )

I know. I KNOW. You're overwhelmed. I understand precisely how you feel. Leave all flailing in the comments, and also let us know if you're going to Racing Demon. (I am. Twice. Front row. I should feel shame, but I just don't. :D)
26 October 2010 @ 02:17 pm

Some Google searching has come up with some good news. Jamie Parker is going to star in a revival of David Hare's RACING DEMON, directed by Daniel Evans, at the Sheffield Crucible next year.

Not sure I'll be able to make any of the dates in March 2011 but someone needs to go and see this!!! Doesn't have his name on this page but I've seen it on his spotlight page.

16 October 2010 @ 05:00 pm
Hey, look at me spamming you with Jamie Parker related goodness.

This is mostly for sophieisgod (keeper of my sodding HEART) but hey, you never know -- you might all find something you like. Hooray!

I say this is multiple pairings, but most of them have Scripps in there somehow, because obviously Scripps is THE BEST. I kept trying to read Dakin/Irwin and just drifting off, so apologies for that -- there are probably a million brilliant Dakin/Irwins that I missed, although I think I did catch a couple of the really wonderful ones. Also, this is very Posner/Scripps heavy, mostly because fandom is very Posner/Scripps heavy. Which I understand, but auch, Dakin/Scripps, you guys! It's CANON.

Anyway, I must've read just about every sodding bit of History Boys fanfiction there is out there for this and it took me FOREVER. So. Enjoy!

History Boys fanfic rec list, multiple pairings.Collapse )
The Globe have extended the run of Henry IV part 1 and 2... and are also filming it in High Def to be released into the cinema and onto DVD... I do love this trend...it does mean so many more people will be able to see it. And for those of us that have seen it, we get to keep it. I wish more theatres would do it - so many wonderful productions are lost forever...

Keep it up, guys!
15 July 2010 @ 10:54 pm
Further info, this time with a picture. And a bigger version of it here. Most reviews seem to think he was wonderful in it.... and I missed it!
15 July 2010 @ 10:36 pm
Just in case you haven't seen this, a little interview with Jamie while he's at The Globe.

Saw Henry IV part 1 a couple of weeks ago - the weather was INCREDIBLY hot and uncomfortable but Jamie and Roger Allam seemed to be having a wonderful time. Seeing Part 2 soon... Anyone else see it yet?

I also gather he did an impressive turn in a play in Northampton called "My Zinc Bed" recently that passed me by completely. Did anyone get to see that?
04 May 2010 @ 10:48 pm
I got slightly carried away when my DVD of the Globe's As You Like It arrived (DANCING JAMIE OH MY DAYS), therefore, picspam!
09 April 2010 @ 01:22 pm
This is now available on pre-order here at MovieMail-Online, due for release 3rd May 2010. I was expecting it to be up on the Opus Arte website first, but, even though it is an Opus Arte production they seem to be being slow to put it up. Also available as Blu-Ray if that's your thing. So the ginger beard, the wayward dancing at the end, the amazing transformation from evil brother via torture and sudden dumb-struck love... all for viewing in the privacy of your own home.

Also seems to be on Play.com but with a slightly later release date (24th May 2010)....
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